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Hello everyone! My name is Joe Giannetti and this blog is dedicated to helping you achieve the health and wealth of their dreams.

Roughly ten years ago I was 273 pounds and working the job (I thought) was the job of my dreams. By my estimation I was  110-125 pounds overweight and I was working long hours and smoking many cigarettes. My health eventually caught up with my weight, my career followed and I ended up working in a call center. DAMNNNNNN

Today I'm in the best shape of my life, fluctuating between 170 and 175 pounds with abs depending on if I ate nachos or not. I'm self employed and I have dedicated the last decade to learning as much as I could about health, wellness, and escaping the rat race. It is now time for me to share that knowledge with you.

I don't do Instagram. You can't find me on TikTok. And Facebook was cool about 20 years ago... If you want to find me I'll be right here and on my Youtube channel.

I am in no ways done with my learning, but have reached a point where I can confidently share what works, plain and simple, Join me in my journey as I have recently sold everything and headed back east to live in Miami Beach.