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Why Do I Have To Tip Everywhere I Go Now?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The New Tip Culture. Are You Kidding Me?

Every time I leave the house, go to the store and pay for a service I am now prompted when I use a credit card to pay for a tip… I call it pay for a tip because I am wondering why when all you hear on tv is about equality and better wages why business and people who own them are not paying higher wages… Why is it my job to add a tip for everything I do. Shouldn’t the food, service or whatever just be priced correctly?

Wait I know because that would be fucking retarded

Instead now we live in a wold where the customer instead of being charged more, and for example tipping 65 cents, could be charged an extra 5 cents with lets say an average of 10 customers per hour and wallah that could be added to overall bottom line raise employees wages…. Instead every customer is now subject to a tip tax and who knows what happens bro you food and beverage when you down’t tip…

So now you know what goes through my mind ever single day wen I buy a cup of coffee.. When I used to work, and at my lowest in the call center no one tipped me for doing my job…. That was my job. I would gladly you my own iced coffee if the opportunity allowed just to save a few cents……

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