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Updated: Apr 16

Yeah, what's good, everyone. And thank you for tuning in if you're still tuned in. I want to thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So just so you guys know what's going on, I got a new set up here. When I first started making videos, I was banging out a lot of them. I was just out of a bad relationship and I really I just had a bad head space.

So I just set up the office a little different. I'm actually in the middle of moving our we'll be shortly. And we're going to go ahead and kind of just go from there. We're going to build this channel up. We're going to be making two videos a day at least we're going to have the blog up and running pretty soon and pretty much tonight.

And you're going to get a lot of information here, cause I've basically learned a lot since we last left off. The reason I stopped making videos was because I was flying to the east coast square New York city for Christmas. When I was there, I got COVID. My entire family got COVID. My entire family was vaccinated and I didn't get COVID until I went to New York city for Christmas.

And that was super fucking annoying. Cause I had avoided it for two years, but like as soon as I got off the plane for two days, I was under the weather bone chilling, cold, blah, blah, blah. And I know that means I was sick with something else. From Vegas, when I flew over here, I caught something on the plane, like a bug.

I was fine for a couple of days. And then like a couple of days into it, I lost my sense of taste. So I definitely got it, like after I was in New York city on the subway, smoking blunts , mad homeless people, eating Chinese food, smoking, super reds, fucking sneezing on tourists. New York city is just a fucking dump.

You know what I'm saying? But this channel is about positivity, but that's the truth. New York city's really just fallen apart . kind of where we left off. This was the portfolio. We were totally different portfolio. Now there was about, there was about five months of me just loving, losing money.

You know what I'm saying? And we're going to go over that right now. So here's last year and we got in, in July and we rode that bitch all the way up to November. For me, it was literally November 19th. I'm going to go to, yeah. Somewhere around here November 19. Yeah. Was when Nividia kind of stopped making any money for me and just started sucking Dick.

And I just kept pumping money into a public money, into pumping money into it. And I was very pot committed and I was just, I had high convictions. I still have high convictions for the NIVIDIA, but these are looking at this portfolio is primarily rocking, which is just going to destroyed. And I'm sure you guys know.

I see a lot of people heading up that, ODFL video.

Trucking, which has gotten destroyed and obviously TECH, and I had a lot of money, lik $50,000 of Nividia, which is a lot of money for me. So we'll look at the past three months here, so you can kind of see what's going on and you can see I've just been, we, you, me it's just been kind of miserable.

So straight down if you've been in the game here in the last month, I would have lost a lot of money. But what I did was I did some trading.

I've been gone since December. So we have January, February, March, April, that's about 20 K for me, 21, between 20 and 22,000 in bills. Honestly, I don't remember where I left off maybe 175, 180,000, something like that.

So the bank roll is at 142 K , I don't know if you can see that. I'm definitely sure. And we have a whole new portfolio and the whole new portfolio was picked just literally me a couple of weeks ago, calling my buddy. My buddy is the one who taught me how to do this. His dad ran a major hedge fund. He's a Billy and he's got a billy.

And I was like, yo man, I can't. I'm like what the fuck's going on here on these stocks. I'm just fucked right now. I need some money. I bought a fuckin' and I don't know if you can see this...

We are gonna be talking about this in other videos. Cause it's the second Rolex I bought second watch I bought in the past 10 years.

I didn't wear a watch for like 10, 12 years. And then I bought my dad a watch when I sold my house and then I just bought this shit

and it really wasn't a good time when the Rolex man calls you and the dealer calls you, this is literally. , everyone tells me you take the credit card out, you take some cash out. You are obligated to buy that Rolex that's for a different video.

I actually have a love of wearing watches now it's made me step up my game and come back to this channel. So you'll see.

Right now, primarily we are in oil and gas stocks.

As you can see, all my purchases were made basically August six through the 11th, 12th, 13th, we still have LSI.

LSI is just a straight, you know, honestly, it's just steady in the past. You know, as you can in four months it's up 3%, which is miserable, but I didn't lose any money, but it started to move again. I actually just moved out of Life Storage. So I'm figuring I'm going to sell that.

I have a couple of positions, I have a lot of positions that are aggressive and we're going to go over how to mitigate risk and things like that. But as you can see, I have 13 positions. I have $142,000. Hopefully we you're going to see some of that disappear. You're going to see about 22 of that disappear in the next week or so I have to pay the watch off, which I put on my Amex.

And then, like I said, I'm getting ready to move to Florida. So there's a lot of bills that are being paid. And then we're going to run this up cause I am pot committed and I'm making a lot of moves now we're making a lot of moves as you're still with us. And remember, this is not financial advice, but we're making money now.

I understand. I found the niche, you know, so if you want to get out of your fucking hole, I worked at a call center. I really did at one point, I just wanted to kill myself, but I just realized that it couldn't get worse than that.

You know what I'm saying? And you can sleep when you're dead. So here we have a lot of stocks.

We're going to go over briefly the portfolio, and we're going to look at the new charts. And this is super fun because these are monsters, as you can see in 10 days, this shit is up 28% UAN in 10 days is up 15%. And you know, you could take the profit here, part of me is like, oh, I should just clip the clip.

But I have faith. You know what I mean? Right now at the beginning, I guess, of the new cycle, I looked at the old cycle and it was long, you know what I'm saying? And even though, oil, and gas stocks, aren't supposed to be trading at and metals are supposed to be trading at like PE ratios like that. Maybe we're in a new era where the PE ratios are crazy.

So here is the new portfolio. We'll go over it. I want you guys to see here. And ladies, if you're involved, I'm probably gonna have to get rid of that one just so you can see what's going on, but that one is OAS. OAS is a monster , it's up alot.. So we'll go to the six month chart here. As you can tell, this is how we do it.

We use Yahoo finance, we use BarChart and we use E-Trade to make the money.

So in 10 days, we're up eight racks. The Lord, the universe, whoever you prayed to every morning in the morning, when you wake up, you need to say thank you for allowing me to wake up. Thank you for allowing me to experience everything that I experienced.

Thank you for my family. Thank you for my dog. Snoopy RIP, thank you for my Lexus, thank you for my rollie. We thank you for everything that's coming to me. And then you need to ask the universe, whatever you want. So. I want $5 million in the next couple of years, I'm going to make it happen so hard. And you're going to watch you saw me in a bad spot, not in a bad spot, just going through some shit, a breakup, not having any roots, which I still don't have, but I don't really care anymore.

We're making this move to Florida from Las Vegas and you're going to do it with me. We're going to document the whole shit. I would like to have to go to a wedding in California. But I would like to do it before that the wedding's in June, and then I'm supposed to go to Africa for a wedding in July.

But I might cancel that wedding. You know what I'm saying? Cause I really want to move to Florida and I really want to make shit happen And I want a family.

So. All right, AMR. Let's get to AMR . AMR is a metals company. I believe they're based out of North Carolina. I could be wrong. We looked at the AMR chart. It's just straight up and we've seen this story before.

But like we said, we cowwabunga, you know what I'm saying? In the last month, AMR is up. $40 a share . In the last three months it's up double and in the last six months, it's almost triple.

So AMR is our first winner. As you can see, I bought it on the sixth and then I bought a little more on the eighth.

UAN. That is gonna be the next one. We're going over

UAN. As you could tell, this one is a motherfucking ride. I'm going to watch it here. As you can see on the watch list, once it loads UAN on our watch list is up 160% since the last May.

In our portfolio because I was soft and it was a really wild ride. It's up 15% in 10 days. So we're just going to ride another year or six months, whatever they want one month.

Whoops. I apologize if I did that in the last one. We'll come over here. Even on flipping, we've been backwards .

On the one month. It's a $47 a share. On the three months. It's like almost double. And on the six month, it's almost doubled too. We can scroll down and I'm just trying to remember how to put myself the other way to be honest with you. Let me do that right now. Thank you for your patience..

Alright. Cool. So the one month it's up 47%, three months, it's up 57% in a year it's a 247%, which is not correct. You know what I'm saying? Well, it is because we've only had it since may, we've had an 11 months. So I found it the month after it made a major jump. What I'm saying about that? So that's fine.

We'll just keep riding it until that one runs out. Now we're going to look at SBOW, is what my man put me onto.,

SBOW, Silver Bowl Resources. Once again, these are volatiles, these motherfuckers move up and down. So you got to set stops. Okay?

In one month, Silverbow went from 27 to 38. That's $11 a share.

It's only $38. It went from 25 to 38 and three months, I'm saying almost double your money in six months. It's still where it was. But at one year it's like quadruple, right? 6? 5 times by a hundred percent. And there you go. That's the real math right there. So you can see, we have all winners here. I'm not going to bore you anymore.

You can go through all this. I'm going to start pumping out a lot of these videos and going to start doing a lot of political content. I have big aspirations because I don't really like the way shit is going in this world. I don't like paying $5 and 50 cents a gallon for gas in Las Vegas. I moved here, you know what I'm saying?

Because the shit was cheap and it was fun. And the poker games were good. Now they suck. And the casino suck. I'm gonna go to Florida now and play a cash games there with the geazers and the, and the golfers and I'm gonna talk politics. What I'm saying by a pistol and we are gonna make a lot of money this year.. Okay. I'm going to go over NFT's . I'm gonna go over crypto and go over mad shit.

And I just want you guys to be a part of it, because what we're working towards is a slave society, and you need to know how to make paper doing nothing. I'm not doing nothing right now. I'm showing you how to make money. This takes a lot of brainpower. So, you know, the biggest part of this game is not really finding the charts. It's sticking it out when the shit gets bad and having rules.

And the lesson for this is number one, I'm sorry for not being around. But number two, I broke every single rule I had when I called my buddy, I was down 15k I can show you here kind of how it's been going miserable. It's not really right, because I've had to pay a lot of bills.

There's $22,000 missing because of bills. Let's see here and we're just getting out of the hole. You see what I'm saying in the last three months? So in the last six months, you know, it says I'm down 36, but 22 of that was bills be 15% of that was a cash out. So it was really 16 or 17 K, but yeah, that's basically where we left off minus bills.

So it's not horrible . There is gonna be another 22 dissapearing.. You know what I'm saying? When you buy these at the dealer, this cost 10 60 the dealer, when you walked out it's 25. So that's why we buy stupid shit like that. And this is a ticket out anywhere. So , thank you for tuning in the message of this is I appreciate you stick to the rules and there's going to be a lot more.

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