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Why The Rolex Green Bezel Submariner (ref.126610LV) is the Coolest Watch in the Lineup

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Classic, but different.

Up until March 22nd I hadn’t worn a real watch for about 10 years… The last “piece” I bought was a Joe Rodeo for a couple grand which I decided to purchase because I was working at the front desk of the Venetian Hotel and for one knew nothing about watches.

This was also at the time when diamond watches were just coming out and I thought that it would be super cool to have some (in retrospect disgusting) thing hanging off my wrist. I was also about 278 pounds at the time and a mess.

When I was younger, and I think this is probably relevant for all generations, I didn't appreciate the history, lineage, or workmanship that went into handmade products. I know do.

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