Sending More Money to Ukraine while the CPI is Rising

So as the economy is collapsing and the stock market is going down a hundred thousand points a day, 2000 points a day, maybe 500 points a day. The U S government is just printing more money and adding to inflation by sending money to Ukraine. They just sent another $44 billion after passing $13 billion last week.

And they're telling us it's not a war. Clearly, it's a war. When we're already up to our eyeballs and more payments than we were with the Iraq and Afghanistan and the first month or two, and this has been going on for like, they're probably spending $10 billion a month on this shit. You know what I'm saying?

And consumer price index just rose again. Inflation was up in April and Nancy Pelosi is over in Ukraine, bowing to the comedian actor who plays the comedian actor on TV and then became president of Ukraine, who can't put a suit on in the middle of world war three, like he's acting like he's on the front lines or something.

People I talked to in New York, that's how we're going to say it now. Swear that COVID is rampant. The New Yorkers down here swear their COVID is rampant and they're all just a bunch of fucking, all of them are fucking pussies. I've been walking around for two and a half years. The first thing I was talking to you the other day was like, well, we're in the middle of a pandemic still.

And I told her, I said, are you fucking retarded? Literally, the only time you get COVID is when you get your shot, you know what I'm saying? We started off as a Ukraine thing, but it all ties into the fact that people are just brain washed. They could care less if meat prices are at an all time high, they could care less of gasoline prices are at an all time high and most Americans don't have stocks. They have a 401k's, even if they don't even have that, that shit is going into the toilet. So build back better bro.

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